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Rules and Regulations

  1. Requests/Applications to use facilities should be made a minimum of thirty (30) days prior to the event
  2. The Mid-Ohio ESC Governing Board (and/or its designee) reserves the right to determine whether any group seeking to use facilities is a “responsible organization” within the meaning of Ohio law, and to deny access to any group not meeting this requirement (ORC 3313.76).
  3. Security may be required at certain events as determined by MOCC Administration; required security shall be obtained by MOCC and an hourly fee determined by MOCC. Such security shall be paid by renter.
  4. Security fee (if required) shall allow for one hour more than actual event to allow coverage prior to and after the event.
  5. Unless specifically waived by MOCC in writing, renters must provide proof of $1 million liability insurance coverage for scheduled events. This may include a requirement that the Mid-Ohio ESC Governing Board be included as a “named insured” on the renter’s policy.
  6. The organization, group or individual making rental shall be responsible for any/all damages done over and above ordinary wear of property or equipment.
  7. The organization, group or individual making rental shall be responsible for payment of any admission taxes (or any other taxes or fees) related to scheduled event.
  8. Any outside groups planning to stay overnight in the community are prohibited from camping on MOCC property and from using water or electrical connections unless special permission has been granted.
  9. Beginning and ending times of scheduled event shall be honored and areas of the facility other than those designated for scheduled events are “off limits.”   Movement of MOCC property, furniture and equipment, or installation of decorations shall be approved by a MOCC representative.
  10. Smoking (or use of any tobacco product) is NOT ALLOWED inside the building. There is a designated outside smoking area in the rear of the building.
  11. The sale or consumption of alcoholic beverages is prohibited unless the organization, event caterer or sponsor has (or obtains) a liquor license from the Ohio Department of Commerce (forms are available upon request). Alcoholic beverages are allowed at wedding receptions, banquets, parties, reunions, and similar events, but renter must provide a copy of a certificate of insurance or waiver request to MOCC for approval prior to scheduled event. *Note: all events involving alcohol should be scheduled at least thirty (30) days in advance, will require security obtained by MOCC, and must provide certificate of insurance or a waiver request acceptable to MOCC and comply with all Ohio Liquor Laws and policies established by the Ohio Department of Commerce.
  12. No red drinks (punch, wine, etc.), brightly colored cake icings, glitter, confetti, etc. are allowed due to potential carpet damage and cleaning issues.
  13. Candles may be used on a limited basis (with prior approval) and must be the dripless type.
  14. Activities or events involving children or underage adults must have proper adult supervision.
  15. No animals may be brought onto the MOCC premises or grounds without the expressed written consent of MOCC, other than dogs specially trained for the assistance of disabled persons. Fish bowls with live fish, colored water, etc. are also prohibited.
  16. Weapons (other than those possessed by law enforcement personnel) are strictly prohibited on premises.
  17. Failure to comply with security or management requests, unruly behavior, excessive noise, foul language, violation of rules and regulations, etc. may result in removal from premises and/or contacting law enforcement agencies.
  18. Payment: Scheduled events will require a minimum non-refundable deposit. The deposit is due upon signing of the Rental Agreement by the client and an authorized MOCC representative. The balance of charges shall be due seven (7) days before scheduled event unless otherwise agreed upon by renter and MOCC administration at contract signing. Renting organization or individual shall be contacted regarding any damages arising from use for which remuneration is required and written notice of damages and amount due shall be provided. Full payment for damages shall be made to MOCC within thirty (30) days of notice receipt. Payment not received within 30 days will be subject to interest charges of 5%.
  19. A valid contract with all signatures (and additional documents, deposit, etc. if required) must be on file at MOCC to constitute official approval of scheduled event. Verbal approval or partial submission of required documents does not assure use of facility.
  20. As required by law, MOCC/Mid-Ohio ESC reserves the right to cancel a rental agreement in the event the facility is needed for school-related purposes on the scheduled date. Should this occur, the liability of MOCC/Mid-Ohio ESC is limited to the amount of the rental deposit, which shall be refunded if already paid by renter at the time of cancellation.